Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

Our Vision

Udokan Mining and Metallurgical Plant is among the most modern and safest copper plants in the industry.

We respect and care for the land where we work. This is why we are creating a new quality of life for the current and future generations of people who live and work in this harsh, but beautiful land. Through the development of Udokan deposit, we are making the world around us better while creating a product that is required for the future of humankind.

Отчёт об устойчивом развитии за 2022
Отчёт об устойчивом развитии за 2022
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Sustainability report 2022
Sustainability report 2022
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ОУР _2021
ОУР _2021
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Environmental Protection

Udokan Copper implements the best available technologies to ensure the environmental safety of our copper mining and processing operations. Minimizing our environmental footprint is our absolute priority.

Environmental protection principles

Careful use
of natural resources and energy
Prevention of damage
to the environment
Combating climate change
and protecting biodiversity
Commitment to the rights
of indigenous peoples
Environmental protection projects
Environmental monitoring

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility based on the principles of sustainable development is an absolute priority for Udokan Copper.

Our social and environmental policy includes significant regional projects in the following areas

Development of Kalar District
Kalar District of the Trans-Baikal Region is our most important local community from the point of social investing. We are working on a comprehensive long-term district development program together with local communities, non-profits, authorities and non-governmental organizations.
Commitment to the rights of indigenous peoples of the Far North
Udokan Copper support the Evenk community resident in the Trans-Baikal Region. We help preserve cultural heritage, improve education and quality of life of indigenous people.
Social investments in Chita and the Trans-Baikal Region
The key areas of our social investments in the region where we operate include healthcare, education, culture, sports and environmental protection.
Kodar National Park Development
Conservation of regional ecosystem is a key condition of our operation in the Trans-Baikal Region. Udokan Copper supports the development of Ingamakitsky Nature Reserve that will help preserve the unique regional ecosystem.

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety are among our unconditional priorities.

Our main focus is the prevention of accidents and the mitigation of their consequences. All our suppliers need to meet our high occupational health and industrial safety standards.